Train-the-Trainer: Targeted Violence: Community Awareness And Prevention Strategies

Attendees will be empowered and certified to teach: Targeted Violence: Community Awareness, Behavioral Analysis, and Prevention Strategies Training.

Preventing violence in our communities starts with empowering communities with training on how we can help those in need before there is a problem.  This training will cover the threats we face, the process to radicalization and violence, and how to identify and prevent problems before they happen.  This training is based on a public health strategic prevention framework.   

This training contains three distinct sections:  Threat Awareness, Behavioral Indicators and Analysis, and Prevention Strategies.  The course will define the current threat of extremism in the Bay Area, enhance each attendee’s knowledge and understanding of the behaviors and actions that represent pre-incident indicators, and the process to radicalization.  We will also cover when and how to report behaviors, and present examples of community based, local, state and federal strategies and programs that can help prevent targeted violence.

This in-person, on-site train-the-trainer course provides attendees with knowledge and course materials to be instructors of the "Targeted Violence: Community Awareness, Behavioral Analysis, and Prevention Strategies" training. Spaces are limited to ensure social distancing.  Attendees must show proof of vaccination to enter the facility, wear a mask, and practice social distancing during the training. 

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January 6th, 2022


Contra Costa County


February 18th, 2022


Santa Clara County


February 24th, 2022


San Francisco