9th Digital Forum On Prevention: Digital Ecosystems For Student Security, Safety, And Well-Being

9th Digital Forum on Prevention: Digital Ecosystems for Student Security, Safety, and Well-Being

When: Tuesday, January 25: 11:00 a.m. ET to 3:30 p.m. ET and Wednesday, January 26: 11:00 a.m. ET to 3:30 p.m. ET

Where: Zoom

Full agenda and link to registration

School administrators, educators, school safety stakeholders, prevention practitioners, including threat assessment and management professionals, state and local agencies, law enforcement, mental and behavioral health services, social services, technology companies, civil society organizations, cybersecurity experts, and all federal and international partners that have an interest and benefit in learning more about navigating student safety online are encouraged to register.

As a national conference and event, certain districts may accept this Digital Forum as credit hours towards renewal for an Advanced Professional Certificate (APC). Please let us know if you are an educator who would like to receive additional documentation, such as a certificate or letter of attendance.

Additional breakout and networking sessions scheduled between and after panels hosted by CP3’s Regional Prevention Coordinators and Grants Team. See below for specific breakout networking times, and contact DigitalForum@hq.dhs.gov for more information or if you would like to attend the networking sessions.

Region 1 Networking/Breakout Session with CP3 Regional Prevention Coordinator: CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT – 1/25, 2:00-2:30pmET

Region 5 Networking/Breakout Session with CP3 Regional Prevention Coordinators: IL, IN, MN, OH, MI, WI – 1/25, 3:30-4:30pmET

Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grants Program Networking/Breakout Session with CP3 Grants Team: 1/26, 10:30am-11:00amET

Region 3 Networking/Breakout Session with CP3 Regional Prevention Coordinator: DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV – 1/26, 12:00-12:30pmET

Region 4 Networking/Breakout Session with CP3 Associate Director of Field Operations/Regional Prevention Coordinator: GA, KY, NC, SC, TN - 1/26, 3:00-4:00pmET

Visit the Center on Prevention Programs and Partnerships website: www.dhs.gov/cp3

Write us at: DigitalForum@hq.dhs.gov

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For more information, please email DigitalForum@hq.dhs.gov. Digital Forums on Prevention build the capacity of credible local voices in addressing terrorism and hate online. The speakers and moderators who will appear at this event are for informational purposes only. Participation of individuals and organizations does not imply an endorsement or sponsorship of any particular product or group by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or Federal Government